NFL World Reacts To Geno Smith's Preseason Performance

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Pete Carroll is giving Geno Smith a fair opportunity to win the Seahawks' starting quarterback position.

He is taking advantage of the opportunity given to him.

Smith started for Seattle in their preseason opener versus The Steelers in Pittsburgh on Saturday night.

He played the entire first half and helped get 10 points on the board.

The veteran quarterback finished with 102 yards and a touchdown in 10–15 attempts.

Even some imperfections were not his fault.

"Jeno Smith completes 10 for 15 from 102 yards and a flamboyant TD.

His imperfections include: A Drop by Dereke Young,

Noah Fanta failed to put his second leg down when he should have been, a drop by Bo Melton, the D-lineman batting a pass down the line.

Clever 2:00 drill a plus," said Greg Bell.

"Jeno Smith says I'll do it myself," the NFL wrote.

"Overall Geno Smith has looked really good in the first half. He looked like a seasoned QB.

He really did. So now let's see what Drew does in the second half. Drew is under pressure.

Also impressed by Travis Homer," wrote one fan.

We may be underestimating Geno Smith ahead of the 2022 season.

It's just preseason, but he appears more than capable of being the starting quarterback in the NFL.