NFL World Reacts To Ezekiel Elliott's Performance Sunday

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Ezekiel Elliot looked refreshed in Week 1. The former No. 4 overall pick showed a lot of bang

And was using that trademark to gain a steady amount of yards on Sunday nights.

Michael Gehlken to the Dallas Morning News:

"Ezekiel Elliot got 5 to 7 yards on eight of his 10 cars... versus the Buccaneers.

Last year, when limited by a knee injury, he went 11 straight games (weeks 6 to 17) without a recording.

That multiple gains of 5 or more yards in a single outing. Good sign for the run game."

The NFL world reacted to Zeke's good performance on social media.

"10 touches is criminal," said one user.

"Trash Play Calling All Game. SMH."

"An unfortunate part of last night's game is that it seemed like one of these good gains was followed by a penalty, which essentially negated the positive run,"

A Cowboys fan tweeted. "Nonsense."

"He has to feed but score points."

"And [they] inexplicably walked away from him, even as nothing worked,"

The other replied.

A silver lining 19-3 clouds in the Cowboys.