NFL World Reacts To 'Distressing' Patriots Offense News

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Word isn't great out of New England as the Patriots get ready for their preseason opener.

This is due in large part to the "disturbing" news about the crime.

Patriots insider Tom Curran called the Patriots' No. 1 offense in practice today "an agonizingly bad."

He pointed to difficulties ranging from run stuff to failed plays, which contribute to a bad day of practice.

Curran said the depth of his issues goes beyond just the growing pain of a new crime and becoming a systemic issue.

The last words he used to describe the crime were "forever overwhelmed".

For some NFL fans, the Patriots' struggle is a confirmation to the long-standing belief that head coach Bill Belichick was at fault.

In choosing defensive-minded coaches like Matt Patricia to promote them to offensive coaching positions.

For others, this is the hope that this year will humble the Patriots:

The New England Patriots lost many of their top offensive assistants to the Las Vegas Raiders when Josh McDaniels left to become their head coach.

In his absence, Bill Belichick has either left vacant positions or has multiple roles filled by the same person.

Bill Belichick has often been right that he usually gets the benefit of the doubt. But this time,

The results are not manifesting in a way that would inspire any confidence.

Will the Patriots' offense begin before the season starts?