NFL World Reacts To Cryptic Josh Rosen News

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Deshan Watson has been suspended for the first 11 matches of the 2022 season.

The Cleveland Browns are being forced to look at the current QB depth chart.

Primary backup Jacobi Brissette is widely expected to assume the initial role of the team,

But a cryptic new report from NFL insider Josina Anderson has fans talking around the league.

"Keep an eye on how things are going with QB Josh Rosen in Cleveland," Anderson wrote on Twitter.

Could this mean that Rosen Depth is going up the charts? Or is he likely to be cut before Tuesday's 53-man roster deadline?

Josh Rosen is currently listed as the third-string quarterback substitute behind Brissette and former fourth-round pick Joshua Dobbs.

The NFL world took to Twitter to respond to this cryptic report.

"Umm why? He'll be his third string guy at best, which was released at Worse.

What are we watching?" a fan asked.

"It probably means he's being bitten right?

And 11 weeks of darkness in Cleveland," added another.

Another said, "Anything other than a straight cut or release would surprise me."

Rosen got off to a hot start in his preseason debut with the Browns, going 6/7 for 56 passing yards.

But in Cleveland's loss to the Eagles this past weekend,

He experienced some of his typical struggles - completed only 7 of his 20 passes