NFL World Is Speculating About Lamar Jackson's Recent Twitter Activity

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The 2022 NFL season starts in less than two weeks, and Lamar Jackson still doesn't have a long-term contract.

Earlier today, Jackson debunked a Twitter rumor saying he had already turned down a guaranteed $250 million offer from the Baltimore Ravens.

This isn't the most interesting thing the former NFL MVP did on social media today.

Jackson also "liked" a tweet containing a picture of him in a Miami Dolphins uniform.

"You two can come to the University of Miami Dolphins and cry,"

Read the caption of the tweet.

"Tears of joy when we [Lombardy] flutter."

What does all this mean? nothing right now,

However, Jackson clarified his feelings on the dolphins in a later tweet.

The Florida native said of his favorite teams growing up, "I grew up a Dallas fan but the Dolphins were second."

Jackson has publicly set a week 1 deadline for negotiating a contract extension.

If nothing is done in the next 10-12 days

Either way, it may not be done until after the season, if at all.

In the meantime, fans will continue to speculate about Jackson's NFL future.