NFL World Debating Brett Favre's Controversial Prediction

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Davante Adams has arguably been the best wide receiver in the National Football League for many years in a row.

However, legendary NFL quarterback Brett Favre isn't sure that will happen in 2022.

Favre predicted that Adams' production with the Las Vegas Raiders would drop.

"No disrespect to Davante at all - zero disrespect. I think Davante will improve Derek Carr and, over time, they will become a dynamic duo.

Now, will this be the pairing that Aaron and Davante had? Time will tell,” Favre told TMZ Sports.

"I think Derek Carr is a very good quarterback, but he's not in Aaron's league yet.

He may never be, and it's no disrespect either, but I think Davante is very grateful to have drafted Aaron and the Packers.

It doesn't mean he's not a great player because he's a tremendous player and we'll see that with Las Vegas.

But it's hard to shift gears, especially with a player like Aaron Rodgers.

I'd be surprised if he had the same year (this year). That doesn't mean he can't do it, but I'd be shocked.

Will Adams prove Favre wrong or right?

"Of course the faves are always right," tweeted one fan.

"Idk man Derek Carr has won MVP almost once and Aaron has 4 MVP, which is a better TD/INT ratio,

And last year a higher passing rating, completion percentage, more TDs, 10 less INTs, and won my division," tweeted another fan.

This is almost certainly false. If you want to make the case that more weapons in Vegas with Valar and Renfro would result in less Davante count then

Yes...I can see arguing this, but it's not going to be completely missed because of QB play.

Carr had 4800 yards without Adams," said one fan.

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