NFL Franchise Officially Sued Over Deshaun Watson Situation

NFL Franchise Officially Sues Deshan Watson Status

Deshan Watson may have been able to settle most of the civil cases against him, however.

It is clear that we are still far from the end of hearing about the many charges he currently faces.

In an announcement, attorney Tony Buzby announces that a lawsuit has been filed against the Houston Texans.

Because of his involvement in enabling Watson's breach as a player team.

Buzby declared that there was "overwhelming evidence" that Texans were aware or should have been aware of that behavior.

“Today we filed what would be the first case against the Houston Texans concerning Deshaun Watson’s behavior,” Buzby told ProFootballTalk via ProFootballTalk.

"Suffice the case to suggest that the overwhelming evidence gathered to allow Watson's behavior to be facilitated by the Houston Texans is highly incensed to Watson's conduct."

We believe the Texans knew or should have known about Watson's behavior. Furthermore, we believe that the evidence in the case speaks for itself."

Buzby has also announced that more people's lawsuits against Texans are in the pipeline.

In response to the allegations, Texans issued an official statement. The team said they would continue to take "necessary steps" to confront the charges.

Part of the lawsuit claims that Deshan Watson made a pact not to disclose his identity by Texans in order to massage the woman.

The claimant claims that Watson was later able to attack and make her feel sick throughout her treatment.

Watson will hold discussions with his NFL teammates this week to discuss possible penalties in the 2022 season.

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