NFL Fans Were Furious With 'Sunday Ticket' This Afternoon

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The 2022 NFL season will mark the final year that DirecTV will own the NFL Sunday Ticket broadcast service.

But after today's debacle with Seva, fans won't be overjoyed at his passing.

Across the country, NFL fans were outraged when the NFL Sunday Ticket was down due to technical issues. All modes of service for delivery -

Digital viewing, online and in-app - struggled hard to give fans the games they wanted to watch.

Unfortunately, this is becoming a theme for DirecTV this season.

They had a similar malfunction last week and sent an email to customers saying,

Assured them that the issues have been resolved.

Clearly DirecTV was at fault - assuming they're being honest.

There are posts all over Twitter from angry fans and even NFL analysts raging about the service disruption.

They all have the same conclusion: They can't wait for DirecTV to go away:

NFL Sunday Ticket is the only service that allows fans to watch every game across the country, including network games.

It has been an exclusive property of DirecTV for decades.

But the deal is set to expire at the end of this season.

And some of the world's richest companies are in line to bid for the rights.

Apple and Amazon are among the favorites to potentially play it safe.

No one will miss Direct TV.

But if one takes it does not show even more care for the product,

They will not be welcomed with open arms for long.