NFL Drop the Hammer on the Browns Deshaun Watson and?

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson could be suspended

for a long time in the season , as per a report .

Deshaun Watson may will not see the field in 2022 for the Cleveland Browns .

As per a report , the NFL is going to argue that the Watson should face a year - long suspension .

" The league will " probably " seek a suspension of 1 full season for Watson ,

A person on Watson's side of the case said on Friday .

A person familiar with the league's view of the case cautioned to be " careful " about

specifying a precise length at this point for the suspension the NFL will seek .

But the person also said : " Significant would be the proper term , " as per the Washington Post .

This would be a lost season for the Browns ' hopeful franchise quarterback ,

one that the Browns traded many 1st - round picks for , plus more .

In addition , the Browns made history by giving Watson $ 230 million guaranteed .

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