New Update On Leonard Fournette's Weight After Concerning Report

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The short-lived saga surrounding Leonard Fournet's weight appears to be too much about nothing.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times courted controversy last week by claiming that the Buccaneers showed up running back to a minicamp weighing about 260 pounds.

Fournet disputed the accuracy of the report in a since-deleted Twitter post, in which he insisted he weighed 245.

According to Doug Kayd of Pro Football Focus, that's where Fournette falls in a big way now.

After doing the rounds of his podcast comments, Stroud said that a Buccaneers coach admitted that Fournette weighed more than 250 pounds,

But she already dropped the extra pounds.

Trainer Jordan Bush told Greg Aumann of The Athletic that Fournett "gains weight rapidly" because of his large frame.

But they "understand what it takes to leave".

"Honestly, he returned to us a little bigger than we wanted," Bush said.

"He was also in the sauna every day, getting extra cardio every day.

We called it 'fat camp', just to mess with,

But he was doing things like that every day. We could see the weight coming off."

The Buccaneers haven't changed Fournet's official list of £228 since retrieving the former Jacksonville Jaguar,

But he played on overweight.

He'll have a full training camp in the Florida heat to shed a few more pounds if desired, before beginning his third season with the Buccaneers.