NBA World Reacts To What LeBron Said About Kyrie Irving

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"The King" continued dating Nets star Kyrie Irving on social media.

Following his appearance on HBO's "The Shop", Twitter user Cuffs the Legend said:

"Kyrie Irving is one of the most charming/polarizing people alive.

He's still trying to figure it out, like most of us are and it's a dope story to watch.

True rebel. You can see the increase. Dope episode."

To which LeBron replied, "He's really misunderstood! I love watching his growth through the years too! Always believed

And knew he was much more and deeper than just an extraordinary basketball player!"

This is definitely what the NBA is talking about on Twitter.

One fan cried, "All LeBron shows love and all he gets in return is hate."

"Has he been misunderstood or does he misunderstand," asked another of Kyrie.

"Brawn will stop attaching himself to the cuffs."

"Kyari will be taking one next year," predicted another.

You can see what Kyrie had to say on the latest episode of "The Shop" here.