NBA World Reacts To The LeBron James Workout Video

Image credit thewrap

LeBron James has done it throughout his illustrious basketball career . But that isn't

stopping him from heavy work on the court this off season . A few weeks ago , Anthony Davis

revealed he hadn't shot a basketball in several months He didn't learn his work ethic from LeBron .

" LeBron looking sharp as ever going into year 20 He's worked so hard but also smart to make it to this point , "

said Ball Don't Stop . " We are seeing something never before done everytime he steps on the floor nowadays

because the ability is so elite at such a in - depth stage in a career . " This weekend , a video of LeBron James working

out is making the rounds on Twitter . Take a look . Basketball fans are taking notice of LeBron's ridiculous work ethic , especially

at his current age . " He scored 33 points in one minute in this clip ... I know it's practice but my god , " a fan said . The Lakers missed

the playoffs and even the play - in tournament this last se on . There's no doubt LeBron will be motivated

to return to the postseason . The NBA superstar is putting in serious work this off season .

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