NBA World Reacts To Ray Allen's Controversial Opinion

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Ray Allen was once a teammate with LeBron James. Although,

That doesn't mean he thinks King is the greatest NBA player of all time.

Allen thinks Michael Jordan is the greatest player in NBA history.

Why not LeBron? He is not an elite dribbler, free-throw shooter or three-point shooter.

The Jordan vs LeBron debate has resumed.

"Jordan shooting 9 seasons was 30% less than 3, including 5 seasons

When they shot down from 3 to 20%. James has a career 3-point percentage higher than Kobe in both

Regular season and playoffs.

James has a 3 point percentage higher in the playoffs than Larry Bird," said one fan.

is that all you got? Shooting 3s?

Then said if so then Reggie Miller Ray Allen Steph Curry Kyle Korver should be in the goat debate.

Now, let's not pick on irrelevant statistics. The final criterion or stat is that

Jordan is the 6-0 and 10x scoring champion in the final," wrote a fan of Michael Jordan.

Then who is the goat???," a fan questioned.

It's Game 7 of the NBA Finals and you need a player to lead you to victory; Are you choosing Jordan or LeBron?

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