NASCAR World Reacts To Bubba Wallace's Number Change

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No more number 23 in '22' for Bubba Wallace.

On Wednesday, Wallace's team, 23XI Racing, announced that the Yellowwood 500 winner would acquire the No. 45 car for the remainder of the season,

In pursuit of an owner's championship.

The NASCAR world reacted to Bubba's number swap on social media.

One user on Paul Lucas tweeted, "Bubba going from 23 to 45 and [then] going to [trademark] the full Jordan from 23 to 23 (I assume)."

"In my opinion, this is a great step forward for 23XI Racing," said a NASCAR writer.

"Bubba Wallace gives the organization his best shot at maximizing the No. 45 car's finishing position in the standings.

Wallace has been good lately. According to the statement, this is essentially a number change."

"The year is 2032," tweeted Steve Lavender of

"Account @NostalgicRacingFacts4Likes Musk-Zuckerberg posted a message on the company's TwitTok social network:

'Did you know that Bubba Wallace drove the number 45 car for 23XI Racing during the 2022 NASCAR playoffs to compete for the owners' championship?'

"I'm a fan of the move, TBH. It takes any pressure off of competing for the title of Ty's owner,

who is still trying to learn next gen car. Plus, it takes advantage of the momentum that Bubba has been building up all summer,

The NASCAR Cup Series playoffs begin with Sunday's Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway.