MLB World reacts to Tim Kurkjian Hall of Fame photo

Image Credit - Getty Images

Tim Kurkjian will be honored with the Baseball Writers' Association of America's Career Excellence Award at the National Baseball Hall of Fame next weekend.

The longtime ESPN correspondent has covered MLB for decades.

Given the quirks of the game and his utter delight at the tics, it's only fitting to see him smile at his tribute to Cooperstown.

Kurkjian's son Jeff shared a photo taken from his mother.  The Hall of Fame honoree is looking at a picture of himself happily in honor of his award.

"he deserves it!"  Jeff announced.  Many of his colleagues agree.

"No one does it better," ESPN senior writer Don Van Natta Jr. wrote on Twitter.

"HOF person," said ESPN reporter Michelle Steele.  "every way.".

"No author, no sport, no continent, never ever has been,

who was a better caretaker for his game than Tim Kurkjian," wrote former ESPN personality Dan Labtard.

"His passion, touch, and decency have no equal. He shouldn't go into the Hall of Fame, though;

The Hall of Fame should go to his house."

Fans also expressed their admiration for Kurkjian's infectious enthusiasm and joy when covering baseball.

Congratulations to Kurkjian for the due respect.

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