MLB World Reacts To Seeing Denzel Washington At All-Star Game

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The stars are out tonight for the 2022 MLB All-Star Game in Los Angeles.

Among the celebrities present for Tuesday's star-studded event is award-winning actor Denzel Washington.

The 67-year-old movie star took home plate ahead of tonight's contest to honor the legacy of former Dodger Jackie Robinson,

Who broke MLB's color barrier 75 years ago.

"When Jackie Robinson first stepped onto the Major League Baseball field—armed with supreme talent and unshakable character,

And wearing a Dodgers uniform — he changed the game of baseball and so much more," Washington said.

The baseball world took to Twitter to react to this powerful speech.

"There's no better man to do this," wrote one fan.

"Denzel Washington is not coming to the field to pay tribute to Jackie Robinson!

I haven't cried at a baseball game since I was 12!!" said MLB insider Molly Knight.

"Denzel Washington should have more to say," said another.

Washington's speech was never formally announced and was a surprise to the MLB world.

"Beyond the Field, Jackie Robinson challenges us to be better versions of ourselves,"

Washington added. "Business leader, family man, activist, Hall of Famer.

"He said that life is not a spectator sport and he lived that motto to the fullest,

Whether it was charging the baseline or standing tall for opportunity and justice...

That profound impact is as big today as it was 75 years ago.

The American League team leads the National League 3-2 in four innings.