MLB World Reacts To Harry Caray Hologram On 'Field Of Dreams' Broadcast

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Fox broke down an interesting feature tonight for its "Field of Dreams" game coverage.

During the seventh inning between the Cubs and the Reds in Iowa,

The broadcast featured a hologram version of Chicago's iconic announcer Harry Carrey,

Leading the crowd at "Take Me Out to the Ballgame".

Some thought it was awesome; Others thought it was strange.

One thing's for sure: it was definitely interesting.

Carrey served as a broadcaster for the Cubs from 1982–97, after playing the same role for the Chicago White Sox's Crosstown from 1971–81.

During his legendary career, he also called games for the St. Louis Browns, St. Louis Cardinals and Oakland Athletics.

Carrey is beloved by Cubs fans, and her memory (and hologram) lives on for more than 24 years after her death.