MLB Star Pitcher Scratched From Start After Bullpen Injury

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Tampa Bay Rays ace Shane McClanahan was due to start Tuesday night,

But it was put on hold after an obvious bullpen injury.

According to the Rays PR handle, McClanahan suffered a bruise "due to a left shoulder injury".

The 25-year-old all-star looked upset after seeing something wrong.

McClanahan has been all that Tampa Bay could have hoped for in a massive two years.

The 6-foot-1 lefty has been one of the favorites to lead Al Cy Young to an 11-5 record, behind a 2.20 ERA,

Outstanding 0.86 WHIPs and 182 strikeouts in 147.1 innings of work.

Hopefully the injury is not as bad as it seems based on the reaction.

But until the team's medical staff are able to further evaluate the injury, IL's tenure cannot be ruled out.