Michelle Beadle's Ex Co-Host Reveals What She Was Really Like

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Michelle Beadle co-hosted "SportsNation" on ESPN for several years before moving to greener pastures.

And in a recent interview with BSM, former collaborator Marcellus Willi opened up about some of his favorites.

that they have worked for over the years; Giving fans a real spill on their time while working with Beadle.

"Beadle's so close, but man, she's also a cracker," Willie said.

"One day Beadle is coming and you, oh look, mama mad.

We used to always call mama mad, and then that day was not there."

Overall, Wiley says Beadle was probably the best to work with, but admits that Fox's Charissa Thompson was the most "fun."

Continuing, "I don't want to put out Max-ing, but let me think, funniest...

Charissa is like the best hang. Charissa Thompson, it's like, Oh, we're done? you have forgotten.

I would probably go for Charissa because your shoulders are always down with Charissa.

She works in the room and she keeps it light. ,