Mets Pitcher Makes Very Controversial Comment After Return From Illness

After being placed on the COVID-19 list and missing its scheduled start last Friday,

Mets pitcher Chris Bassit says he "probably" won't notify the team or MLB if he feels symptoms in the future.

As far as the league's COVID protocol being called "ridiculous".

"I probably won't [again]," said the right-hander ahead of the Mets series opener versus the Miami Marlins.

"There's no way. There's no reason. Just stop testing.

Stop acting like COVID is far worse than other things. I was never sick."

Bassit claimed that his case was asymptomatic. But after feeling lethargic,

He decided to test himself because he has a daughter.

"If I can be somewhat safe I will. I got myself tested. It was positive.

So I basically had the option of telling them so that I could defend my teammates or say nothing and [put] my teammates at risk.

I never had any symptoms. I woke up perfectly fine the next day. Haven't had any symptoms since then."

The one-time All-Star said.

Chris Bassett was acquired by the Mets via trade with Oakland this past off-season.

Since coming to the Big Apple, the 33-year-old has amassed a 6-5 record, 4.01 eras and 95 strikeouts in 89.2 innings.

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