Megan Rapinoe Reportedly Had 1 Request For President Joe Biden.

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Earlier this year, football star Megan Rapinoe received a call from President Joe Biden.

He informed her that he would receive the Medal of Freedom.

During the phone call, Rapinoe reportedly used this as an opportunity to vouch for WNBA star Brittany Griner.

Several people familiar with the matter told West Wing Playbook that Rapinoe also used his calls with Biden

To raise the issue of Brittany Griner's detention in Russia, urging her to take further steps to secure her release."

Max Tani and Alex Thompson of The West Wing Playbook Scoop report.

The White House did not respond to multiple requests for comment about the call.

A person familiar with the call said Biden assured Rapinoe that his national security team was doing everything possible to secure his release as quickly as possible,

And will continue to support her family."

Rapinoe has been very vocal about the detention of Brittany Griner in Russia.

It is an act of great bravery for him to take up this issue with Mr. President.

"I know the administration is working really hard to get him home, it's obviously a difficult situation,

But we need to bring him home immediately,” she said in July during an interview with ABC News via Politico.

"I think we can do more, I think we can always do more."

Biden and the US government are working hard to bring Griner home. Hope their efforts pay off.