Matt Leinart Blames Alabama vs. Texas Refs: Fans React

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The substitute didn't do a Texas side after losing to No. 1 Alabama on Saturday, and Matt Leinart is calling him out for it.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, Leinart declared that Texas should have won the game.

And you will regret your mistakes.

But he also said that the umpiring in the game was terrible.

"Texas should have won that game.

They will kick themselves after watching this film. It will be completely ruined.

Also the referee didn't help.

I don't like to use referees as an excuse but my god sometimes it's obvious."

But college football fans weren't entirely sure that the caretaker was as bad as Leinart had suggested.

He certainly made it clear that there was no bias in Alabama's favor:

While some had some fun with it, it seemed odd that Leinart would criticize the act in a game against Texas given its history of hating the Longhorns:

There were some bad calls in the game to be sure.

Any safety call in the endzone that was ruled a Texas penalty would probably haunt Longhorn for literally years.

But the authorities cannot be blamed for some of Longhorn's misfortunes.

The loss in the first half to quarterback Quinn Ivers certainly made a difference in the outcome of the game.

Texas will have to work hard to reach the Big 12 Championship as Ivers is also a time-waster.

The sport may be haunting the Longhorns for the rest of the 2022 season.