Matt LaFleur Makes His Opinion Of Jordan Love Clear: Fans React

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The Packers drafted Jordan Love in the first round with the hope that he might one day succeed Aaron Rodgers and become the team's new franchise quarterback.

It's still early in that process, but it appears to be making the right move.

Matt LaFleur has made his opinion of his backup quarterback very clear.

He told reporters this week that Jordan Love is "light years" ahead than he was a year ago.

A bit of a vote of confidence from the Packers' head coach in their backup quarterback outside Utah State.

"Packers QB Jordan Love is winning over his HC Matt LaFleur," said Adam Schaffter.

However, some fans are concerned Matt LaFleur is saying this only to increase the business value of Jordan Love,

Which is pretty low after a backup throws three picks in a preseason game.

"Have to get value out of him, of course you have to publicize him.

He's still not a starter for any of the 32 teams."

“He has been extremely impressive this presidency so far. His accuracy has been much better than last year.

love to see it!!"

Hopefully Luv will continue to progress in this pre-season.

But it is clear that some think the Packers are intent on trading a first-round pick. we will see.