Mason Crosby Confident For Week 1: NFL World Reacts

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Green Bay Packers kicker Mason Crosby is still physically unable to perform, but he is confident he will be ready for Week 1.

Speaking to reporters after Tuesday's practice, Crosby exuded confidence in his recovery process.

"It's six weeks, so the goal was to make progress and kick more at this point," Crosby said.

"I hit a set inside today and felt really good."

Crosby said he aims to be "ready to go" for the Packers' season opener against the Minnesota Vikings.

Although Crosby has been a fixture at Green Bay since 2007,

The fan base is concerned that he no longer has what it takes to produce at an elite level.

A Packers fan tweeted: "I'm worried about him being on the roster Week 1."

"She absolutely shouldn't. Man can't walk anymore

And honestly he hasn't been able to for the past few years. it's time to move on."

Last season, Crosby scored 34 of 25 field goal attempts. He also converted 51 extra points out of 49 attempts.

Despite Crosby's recent comments, the Packers have been proactive when it comes to exploring the market for kickers.

Earlier this week, the Pacers took on Matt Emmandola, Cameron Dicker, Chase McLaughlin, Chandler Staten and Parker White.

The Packers have two more weeks to settle their kicking position.