Mark Schlereth Opens Up About ESPN: NFL World Reacts

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Fox Sports NFL analyst Mark Schlereth previously worked at ESPN.

The former NFL lineman left ESPN for Fox Sports a few years ago.

Schlareth recently opened up about that move.

Schlereth explained why this happened.

"They offered me a deal but I wanted to call the game and they were never going to put me in the booth on Monday night.

So I bet on myself and went to Fox," he admitted.

It's worked pretty well.

"And we are so glad to have you," wrote Colin Cowherd.

One fan joked, "Stop with good already- this is out of character. Now you have to give @bakermayfield two volumes for this tomorrow."

"Man, nothing is better than betting on yourself"

Another fan accepted.

"Glad you're doing what you dreamed of doing.

But you miss out on ESPN radio in particular."

A fan has been added.

Schlareth is remembered at ESPN,

But he is clearly thriving at Fox Sports.