Look: Zach Wilson's Mom Responds To The Wild Friend Rumor

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There weren't many good things to say about Zach Wilson's on-the-field production for the New York Jets in 2021.

But a new rumor caught all kinds of attention on him in 2022 - and his mother is happy to play in it.

Last week, Wilson's ex-girlfriend took to Instagram alleging that Wilson once slept with her mother's best friend.

This rumor immediately spread like wildfire and as a result many of his Jets comrades supported him.

It didn't take long for Wilson's mother, Lisa, to get in on the joke, too.

On Friday, Lisa Wilson posted a video on Instagram in which she was spending time with a friend.

But at one point in the video, she hints that her friend isn't a rumor:

"And as you know, no," she said. "Well, people are questioning, no. Shut up."

"no no no no!" Lisa's friend interrupted.

"Shut up. You guys are idiots. I'm good friends," ends Lisa.

As funny as the conversation was, there was no denying the rumor that her son had slept with a friend.

Ethically, there's nothing wrong with what Wilson did other than potentially ruining the relationship with his now-ex-girlfriend.

If anything, the rumor has made New York sports fans who didn't particularly like Wilson gain a newfound respect for him.

This video is not going to replace that respect at all.