Look: Yankees Score Run On Embarrassing Red Sox Error

Image credit -Getty Images

The official scoring for this play was eventually changed to a double, so right now Trevino has the shortest two-bagger ever in his life on his record.

The New York Yankees currently lead the Boston Red Sox by a run in the bottom of fifth at Fenway Park.

The game really should have been tied, but the visitors were gifted a run at the top of the innings

With two outs and Aaron Hicks at third base after the triple, Yankees catcher Jose Trevino made what looked like a regular popup in front of the plate and slightly up the first base line.

Red Sox first baseman Franchi Cordero ... and overruns the ball. Hicks scored and Trevino came in second, it fell safely behind him.

The play was originally scored an RBI double, but was later changed to E-3.

Even though the ball doesn't touch any leather, handing an error to Cordero is honestly the right decision here.

There is no excuse for not catching this ball.

Despite his miscue, Cordero led the bottom of the frame with a double and later scored on Rafael Devers' three-run homer,

his second of the game from Yankee starter Gerrit Cole.

New York was leading 5-0 in this game but the Red Sox made a comeback.

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