Look: Unhappy College Football Players Send Letter To University President

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Florida A&M football players are not happy with the university right now.

A total of 88 players signed a letter to the university president,

In which all the ways in which the administration has failed them.

Some of those ways include delay in financial aid, leading to evictions, delay in class registration,

Bad advice on eligibility requirements, cutting funding for summer housing, cutting family tickets, and more.

The team is going to play its season,

But they will also protest the lack of support from the university by taking a knee during the alma mater.

Florida A&M began its 2022 campaign against North Carolina on Saturday,

A game that was very close to the score indicated.

The Tar Heels defeated the Aggies 56–24, but it was only 11 points a game going into the fourth quarter.

The Aggies were also down to only seven scholarship offensive linemen for this competition.

If the school does not make changes that appeal to the players,

There could be a mass exodus of players after the end of this season.