Look: Tim Tebow Predicts If Urban Meyer Will Coach Again

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Urban Mayor's coaching future has been a trending topic in the college football world for the past few weeks.

During an appearance on the "Aaron Torres Sports Podcast,"

Florida legend Tim Tebow was asked if he thought Meyer would coach again.

Tebow was not committed to either side,

However, he said that his former coach is so competitive that he may have thought of moving to another event.

"I know he's a competitor, and the competitive side is always the balance of what's in you," Tebow said.

"We are not made of just one feeling or one feeling.

I think his competitive side is probably like, 'Oh, let's see what I can do here.'

The flip side of this is being around their family and being around their girls and having more grandchildren.

That matters too."

Meanwhile, Meyer said he is satisfied with his current position at Fox Sports.

"I'm really happy with Fox and really happy with the lifestyle," Meyer said.

"Flying in today to see the grandchildren.

I'm happy with what I'm doing."

There is no guarantee that Meyer will be retired forever.

For now though, it looks like he'll try to fully commit to being an analyst.