Look: There's 1 Betting Favorite To Trade For Juan Soto

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As the MLB trade deadline inches closer, all eyes are on Juan Soto of the Washington Nationals.

The Nationals have yet to agree a trade, but a betting favorite for the All-Star outfielder has emerged.

Odds Shark lists the San Diego Padres as Soto's favorite.

They have +200 odds.

The St. Louis Cardinals have the second best odds at +250.

On Saturday afternoon, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic mentioned the Padres as one of the frontrunners for Soto.

"The Padres are a team, we've seen it before under General Manager AJ Preller,

They are extremely aggressive and have plenty of potential, no doubt about it.

Preller would love to go with [Fernando] Tatis, [Manny] Machado and that excellent rotation to Soto," Rosenthal said.

"There are people in the industry who believe they will do anything to get that."

If the Padres are really keen on adding Soto to their lineup, they are likely to be separated from the plethora of top prospects.

Robert Hassell III, Luis Campusano and James Wood are considered the best prospects in San Diego.