Look: Steph Curry Hits 'Night, Night' Celebration While Attending Summer League

Warriors superstar Steph Curry continues his winning lap after helping Golden State capture their fourth NBA title of the Splash Brothers era.

In a Summer League game on Saturday night, the Finals MVP hit "Night Night" once again.

The celebration became famous throughout the 2022 playoffs.

The clip received an immediate response from NBA Twitter.

"So cringe man," commented one user.

I love seeing how happy Steph is always hanging out with her kids," said another fan.

Nolan Smith did it first," tweeted one fan in all-caps.

Pulling it out," cried a Blazers fan.

"You don't see Dame tapping her wrist or LeBron [smacking] his chest to go everywhere."

Never knew why it was made into such a big deal," said another user.

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