Look: Sports World Reacts To Tim Tebow Wife Video

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Happy birthday, Tim Tebow.

The legendary college football quarterback, who also played in the NFL and minor leagues, turned 35 on Sunday.

Tebow's wife, Demi-Lay, celebrated her husband on social media.

"My Sweetheart: It's so easy to celebrate you and your life! Someone recently asked me,

"Besides your parents, he is the one person you ask to speak in your life".

The answer was so simple and intuitive - you. I am very grateful to you! Thank you for leading so well as a husband,

Friend, a business owner but most importantly a Christ follower.

You never go a day without discovering and sharing knowledge. You make every room you enter better and brighter.

Happy birthday to the man of my dreams and the love of my life! I love you so much!" she wrote.

It's good to be Tim Tebow.

"Demi, I love that phrase "seeking and sharing knowledge"; thanks for sharing it and respecting Tim in this way.

It is encouraging and educative! Tim, happy 35! Grateful to God for your example!" wrote one fan.

Another fan wrote, "Happy birthday!!! May God bless you in health, happiness and prosperity."

"Love it! HBD!" A fan has been added.

Happy birthday, Tim.