Look: Shareef O'Neal Responds To Criticism From Lakers Legend

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The draft doesn't seem like much from NBA 2022, which gets as much attention as O'Neill.

It came with the territory to become the son of the famous center of Shaquille O'Neill.

Former Lakers striker Robert Horry talks about O'Neill during this new episode.

Seven-time NBA champion Horry wasn't sure what O'Neill had what it took to become an influential player in the NBA.

"I picked up my phone, and I was preparing to call Shaq like,

'Yo man, you gotta tell your son... he can't play that damn name.

He had to go out there and play,'" Horie said, every day through the Lakers.

"You have to put in more effort of the men.

You know a good baby boy, so I don't know if he has a dog to go out there and get what he wants. ,

On Wednesday night, O'Neill responded to Horie's comments-comment.

O'Neill tweeted, "I know this is love and there's no disrespect."

"I got a big shot but you know who raised me, I didn't stop. Taught me to always get it and take it.

Been on the right move... Like I said, I got you! you will see. ,

This is an adult response from O'Neill, who clearly didn't want to mention one of his former father's peers.

O'Neill played for the Los Angeles Lakers during the Summer League.

He then signed a six-figure contract with the NBA G-League Ignite.