Look: Shaq Makes His Opinion On Kevin Durant Very Clear

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Charles Barkley recently made headlines as he described Kevin Durant's career outside the Golden State as a failure.

"He gets mad when we say this, he piggybacked on the Warriors to win their first two championships,

But if you go back and look at his career as the best player and as a leader, everything goes along with him,

"She's been a serious failure," Barkley said via ESPN.

"I mean, every time he's been like the guy who has to be the leader and the best player he hasn't got success."

On the latest episode of "The Big Podcast," Shaquille O'Neill was asked about Durant's career outside of the Golden State.

O'Neill and Barkley may argue Inside the NBA from time to time, but they agreed on the subject.

O'Neill said, "Yeah. If you go back and look at his career as the best player and leader, it all happens to him."

"Look, there we were, we saw OKC go up [at Golden State] 3-1. Another game.

And when you're a boy, all the pressure is on you.

A lot of people are talking about the bus driver - Chuck was absolutely right.

He [Durant] was not driving the bus in the Golden State. You were on the bus, sitting in front.

Durant may not be the "bus driver" for the Warriors from 2016-2019.

However, he was named Finals MVP twice during that stretch.

At this point, if Durant wants to silence his critics,

He'll Need To Win A Championship As Leader Of The Brooklyn Nets