Look: Sean McVay Practice Video Is Going Viral

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When it comes to dealing with offenses, few coaches in the NFL are as similar to Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay.

During today's training camp, McVay decided to take on the role of an NFL defensive back for some basic receiving drills.

McVay stands as a cornerback from Cooper Kuppo

and ran part of his way before Kupp caught a pass from Matthew Stafford.

"Coach McVay getting some defensive runs against Cooper Kupp," ESPN tweeted.

The clip is going viral with over 175,000 views in less than 10 minutes.

Though fans in the comments aren't quite ready to anoint McVay as the next Darrell Revis:

"Still better defense than Ellie Apple vs. Kupp in (Super Bowl)," replied one fan.

"They didn't do anything (laughing emoji) you swear," wrote another.

"BREAKING: 36-year-old jogging lightly," wrote a third fan.

OK, so it wasn't exactly Darrell Greene in his late 30s ready to take on the best the NFL has to offer.

And maybe it's a slow news day because it's only the first day of training camp for some teams.

All of that said, it once again highlights how passionate Sean McVay is about the game of football and the work he does with his players.

Along with some of the rumors we've seen this year about McVay dropping out in favor of greener pastures,

Which makes it quite remarkable.