Look: NFL World Reacts To Gisele Threat News

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Gisele Bündchen allegedly threatened to leave Tom Brady during an argument between the famous married couple.

"It seems like Gisele gets mad and says she's leaving him, but in the past, they've always been making up," Page Six reports.

"But maybe this time it's more serious."

Brady, 45, decided to play one more season in the NFL despite retiring earlier this year.

Gisele, arguably the most successful supermodel of all time, was reportedly not happy with that decision.

"Giselle is not back with Tom.

She moved back to Florida to be with her children, but did not go to her home in Tampa.

Tom is still hoping that they can reconcile.

Gisele has told her she's leaving him first, and they're always ready for when it gets cold," Page Six added.

Relationship turmoil is not what you want to carry through a season of NFL football.

"It all stems from his decision to retire," wrote one fan.

"Yeah. It's getting worse and worse," said one fan.

Brady mentioned everyone in his family during a recent podcast episode but his wife…

The headlines are not taking the name of stopping, that's for sure.