Look: NFL World Not Happy With The Matt Rhule News

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NFL fans don't like what Matt Roulette said about his team's celebratory antics.

The head coach of the Carolina Panthers reportedly ran his team after a celebrated player in the end zone.

"I'm sorry but this guy stinks," Warren Sharp wrote, tweeting a portion of a recent story.

NFL fans seem to agree.

"…..It's Precision. And you punished everyone because one guy had some fun?

This isn't high school where you're trying to discipline kids," wrote one fan.

"NFL coaches glorify gym teachers.

But, at least my gym teachers have fun!" added one fan.

"And that's why hiring authoritarian coaches, used to coaching kids, never works with older men," said another fan.

"The guy still thinks he's in college and it shows," said one fan.

The Panthers will be interesting to follow this season, that's for sure.