Look 'Next Paige Spiranac' Celebrates Big Accomplishment

Image credit - terezowens

The golfing world knows who former professional golfer turn social media superstar Paige Spiranac is .

Image credit - nypost

Spiranac played at the University of Arizona and San Diego State before a brief professional career . She has more than 3 million followers on Instagram

and constantly produces viral content . But another former professional golfer is joining the ranks . Claire Hogle , a self - described " huge golf gal , "

is also amassing a big following on social media . The Daily Star dubbed Hogle the " next Paige Spiranac . " With that comes a massive social media following ,

which Hogle is in the process of building . Just 24 hours ago , she sent a post to social media thanking her followers for growing her following to 500,000 on Instagram .

" 500 thousand of you ! wow . i am absolutely blown away . so so grateful to each and every one of you .

i can't wait to continue sharing the fun side of golf with all of you , " she said . While the post popped up just 24 hours ago ,

she's already added 20,000 more followers to that total With nearly 520,000 followers on Instagram , she's well on becoming a force in the golfing world .

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