Look: NASCAR World Reacts To Sunday's Unfortunate Crash

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Former Formula 1 champion driver Kimi Raikkonen's day in the NASCAR Cup Series race is over.

Raikkonen, who was making his NASCAR Cup Series debut at Watkins Glen,

New York, crashed about halfway through the race.

It was hard to watch, and unfortunate for the NASCAR world as a whole,

Joe was excited to see the former Formula One champion on Sunday afternoon.

Before his crash, Raikkonen was putting on a really impressive performance.

Jeff Gluck had more when he crashed.

"Kimi Raikkonen has dropped the window net. In NASCAR when you get out of the car, you're ready to race.

It's hard to see what happened in replays, but probably moved on from 27."

It was a very wild sight on the first day.

NASCAR's Cup Series races are airing on USA Network