Look: MLB World Furious Today With Ball Theft Video

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Catching a baseball from an MLB player can be considered a life-changing moment for a child.

Unfortunately, that moment was snatched away from him by a huge fan after a kid at a Washington Nationals game.

On September 1, a video of a fan stealing a souvenir from a child surfaced on Twitter.

The video's opening caption read: "The big man steals the baseball from the little girl.

@Nationals Can you get Joey Menis to sign a baseball and send it to my daughter?"

Took a few days but this video is now going viral on social media.

People are understandably mad that an adult stole a baseball that was clearly meant for a young fan.

ESPN's Ryan Clark tweeted, "Look, it's okay for someone to say that man he's wrong."

"I know you must let go of the things that involve you,

But I don't think I have anything to say.

Just call me 'that guy' if I'm wrong, but come on!"

One fan said, "I don't usually advocate violence but this dude deserves to be punched in the face."

"Screw this guy," wrote another fan.

Hopefully, the countrymen will find a way to remedy the situation - although they are not to blame here.