Look: MLB Catcher Narrowly Avoids Horrific On-Deck Injury

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The Minnesota Twins came inches away from a devastating accident in their on-deck circle.

During Sunday's game against the Chicago White Sox, outfielder Gilberto Celestino took a practice swing before his turn at the plate.

Apparently he didn't see teammate Gary Sanchez walking right next to him.

If Celestino had started his swing after a second, his bat might have hit Sanchez in the face.

The catcher fortunately escaped any contact.

Next time, Sanchez will probably think twice about walking past a player with the bat. Celestino, meanwhile,

Hopefully will check your surroundings before hacking.

Despite the scary close calls, the twins ended the week on a high note.

They won a 5–1 victory over the Chicago White Sox to finish second in the American League Central.

They could end the day in first place if the Cleveland Guardians lose to the Seattle Mariners.

Minnesota will host a massive three-match series against Cleveland starting Friday

And play five road games against the Guardians next week.

Those matchups can go a long way toward determining the division winner.