Look michelle wie reacts to the supreme court decision

Image credit - staradvertiser

Michelle Wie of the LGPA is the latest to share her thoughts regarding the Supreme Court's controversial ruling on abortion .

" After taking some time to reflect , I am saddened by the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v . Wade , " she said in a statement .

" This monumental step backward in women's rights history not only affects our current community but will affect our future community and

shape the way young girls think about themselves and their place in the world . " Female professional golfers are the physical manifestation

of the battles forged by our tour's thirteen founders . We must continue their work for the generations to come .

" We are mothers , daughters , sisters . I believe that reproductive rights are human rights . It is devastating to see this decision further divide our country ,

but now it is up to us . This is our call to action to stand up for the women who have lost their right to choose what's best for their body .

Let's work together to help all women get the health care they need . " She added , " Never be scared to speak up for what you believe in 

I respect that people have diverse opinions and views , but I REFUSE to accept the fact that my daughter will have fewer rights than her previous generation .

Donate , speak up , and vote in your local elections !!! " A powerful statement from the LGPA golfer .

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