Look: Meet The MLB Fan Everyone's Hating On This Week

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MLB fan Jack Hampel has gotten a lot of heat from the baseball community this week.

This is due to a recent vlog he posted about his experience at Coors Field.

Humple, 44, has been known to collect thousands of baseballs from MLB stadiums.

He became very popular in 2015 when he caught the 3,000th hit of Alex Rodriguez's career.

At this point, MLB fans and employees know who Humple is.

At the same time, Coors Field's security team was not allowing him to enter other sections to try to catch a home run.

There was a debate on this which was caught on camera.

"Come on, don't be so strict," said Hemple. "It's ridiculous. Telling me I can't walk 10 feet to drive home is ridiculous.

Stop enforcing BS rules that you make up on the spot. It's a home run ball, people can try to catch home runs."

Humple's vlog caused quite a stir on Twitter.

Look: Meet The MLB Fan Everyone's Hating On This Week

He tweeted, "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought baseball games were supposed to be fun."

Chicago Cubs right-hander Marcus Strowman kicked out Humple after making a questionable remark.

"It's really comical how much of a loser you are," Strowman said.

"Adult man taking baseballs from youth and making videos complaining about safety that he's doing his job.

You are the definition of a clown."

Strowman is clearly not the only person who feels that way.

Many of the responses to Hample's initial tweet were harsh.

Some believe it prevents children from potentially stashing a souvenir they will remember for a lifetime.

Hampel responded to the criticism on Saturday.

He tried to shut down the narrative that was floating around that he is the "most hated fan".

Hemple may have had a bad weekend, but he remains a very polarizing figure in the world of baseball.

As of now, Hample has more than 128,000 followers on Instagram.

Hampel made a documentary about his baseball journey, Jack Hampel vs. the World.

It was first displayed in Cooperstown's Hall of Fame.

Love it or hate it, Humple is trending on social media this week. That fact cannot be denied.