Look: Lamar Jackson Feuding With Former Ravens Player

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Lamar Jackson tweeted "Silence is Golden" on Tuesday, seemingly in response to the NFL's top-10 quarterback not ranked in an ESPN poll.

He has since gotten into a messy Twitter fight with former Baltimore Ravens safety Bernard Pollard.

The beef apparently goes back to early 2020, when Pollard wrote that Jackson "is not the answer" after a progressive defeat.

On Tuesday, Pollard said he doesn't see Jackson as a top-10 quarterback when replaying a post from ESPN's Ryan Clark.

Pollard later replied to a fan Wednesday night that no one wants to play top wide receiver Jackson,

To which he responded by saying that he had "never heard of you."

The 2019 MVP has been on the offensive, after Pollard called him the champion.

Pollard separately posted a clip of a hard hit from his Purdue days, but Jackson didn't.

His taunt promised Pollard "I'll hit clean and you'll never be the same."

The quarterback isn't even interested in breaking up the game movie with Pollard,

which he called the "extra body".  Pollard then claimed that he played through several broken ribs, which still did not impress his young contemporary.

There's more, including Jackson begging Pollard to come out of retirement

So he can embarrass the defensive back on the gridiron.

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