Look: Kliff Kingsbury's Girlfriend Shares New Racy Swimsuit Photo

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The Arizona Cardinals got off to a bad start last weekend with a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs

And a tough game against the up-and-coming Las Vegas Raiders.

However, don't feel too bad for head coach Cliff Kingsbury.

The head coach has time to turn the season around and is doing well off the field.

Earlier this summer, a report surfaced suggesting Kingsbury and his girlfriend took the next step.

Kingsbury and Veronica Bielik moved in together.

The two spent a lot of time together this summer.

However, now that football season has arrived, it looks like Bielik is taking a little time for himself.

He traveled to Greece.

"For the first time in Santorini and already speechless," she said.

While she is enjoying her holidays, Kingsbury is hoping to avoid 0-2 at the start of the season.

At least someone in the relationship is having fun.