Kevin Durant Reacts To Embarrassing Colin Cowherd Clip

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NBA superstar Kevin Durant is interested in sports media members these days . FS1's Colin Cowherd is the latest

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SBASKETRI to acquire KD's attention . This Tuesday , a video showed Cowherd claiming he always said Josh Rosen was over drafted

However , the same video flashes back to when the FS1 analyst called Rosen " franchise changer " before he was drafted

" Cowherd LIED to you , again . It's such a ballsy , shameless lie ; I'm worried about his health , " said Funhouse

" The first part of the clip is from last week when he claims to have said that Josh Rosen was " over - drafted "

in 2018. The rest of the clip is his thought of Rosen at the time . " Durant saw the video for himself and thinks

Cowherd is " hilarious . " Colin is hilarious , lol , " he said Hilarious " is an exciting way to put it . This isn't the first

and won't be the last time Cowherd pretends like he had an entirely different opinion on something years ago .

It happens pretty often with him . At least NBA stars like Durant are aware of Cowherd's shenanigans these days

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