Look: Joe Buck Reveals 2-Word Message From Tony Romo

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As Tony Romo sees it, Joe Buck "thanks" him for his ESPN payday.

Buck signed a five-year, $75 million deal to leave Fox and join ESPN's Monday Night Football coverage.

He is not the first NFL broadcaster to be paid a lucrative amount,

As Romo is earning $17 million per year on a new contract signed with CBS in 2020.

Appearing on The Marchand and Orand Sports Media podcast with broadcast partner Troy Aikman,

Buck recalled a brief encounter with the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback after landing his new job.

"I saw Romeo at the Tahoe golf tournament," Buck said. "I'm having dinner with the guy I brought there in the caddy.

[Romo] walks in and he says, 'You're welcome.' Then he kept going."

Perhaps Romo helped pave the way for the recent network spending spree.

Aikman's five-way deal is worth $90 million, and he was reportedly motivated to increase Romo's salary.

Fox, in turn, will pay Tom Brady a whopping $375 million over 10 years, rivaling Romo and Ackman as the lead NFL analyst when he retires.

However, Buck has no problem seeing his teammates getting paid.

In a July interview with Stephen Douglas of The Big Lead,

Romo said he is "really pleased" to see Buck and Ackman receive a "well-deserved" deal.

"I think everyone in the industry supports each other," Romo said.

"I mean for us, anytime someone makes money, it's a good thing."