Look: Here's How The 49ers Will Use Jimmy Garoppolo This Season

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Jimmy Garoppolo won't start the 2022 season with his familiar opening work,

But DeMeco Ryans revealed the new role of quarterback.

During Thursday's press conference, via The Athletic's David Lombardi,

The defensive coordinator was asked to identify the double-threat scout quarterback who was preparing the San Francisco 49ers for Sunday's encounter.

"Mobile quarterback? It's Jimmy G," replied Ryan before laughing. "He's done a great job.

He is giving some great looks till the ball is out, swung around, hands and feet.

Jimmy did a great job."

However, San Francisco's new starting quarterback won't be sitting in the pocket.

Trey Lance received 89 rushing yards in his first career NFL debut.

Sunday's contest between San Francisco and Chicago presents an interesting battle of mobile youth quarterbacks.

Let's see if Jimmy G helps get the 49ers ready for the fields.