Look: Football World Reacts To Eli Manning Undercover Video

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A player named Chad Powers tried out as a walk-on for Penn State's football team.

What his competitors didn't know was that it was Eli Manning disguised.

The former New York Giants quarterback went undercover for his ESPN+ series, Ally's Places.

In the video shared by Omaha Productions, he assumes the character of Chad Powers,

A confident competitor who yells "think fast, run fast" before running a 40-yard dash in 5.49 seconds

and claims that searching for "arm talent" in the dictionary brings up his picture.

Manning eventually reveals himself after Nittany Lions head coach James Franklin says Powers is ineligible because of his false identity and poor workout metrics.

The veterans who run back Saxon Barkley enjoy watching their former teammates have fun at their alma mater.

This prompted Manning to declare that "Chad Powers is not a man ... he is a way of life!"

Other Twitter users were impressed by Manning's satire.

Based on the initial reaction, there may be a demand to see Chad Powers again.

The two-time Super Bowl champion may have to reckon

His Powers personality when Manningcast returns next week for his Monday Night Football matchup between the Giants and the Dallas Cowboys.