Look: Derek Carr Has Honest Reaction To Tom Brady Rumorsm

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Over the weekend, UFC president Dana White said the Las Vegas Raiders had struck a deal to land Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski.

Of course, his comments set the football world on fire with fans wondering what could have happened to the Raiders.

On Tuesday afternoon, reporters asked current Raiders quarterback Derek Carr if he was immune to Tom Brady talk at this point.

"So far, I hope so," Carr said with a laugh. "I mean, that's it."

Here's what he said via Pro Football Talk:

"It doesn't really matter," Carr said of White's almost-landing #Tommy story.

"At the end of the day, everything I say will just get out there, so I'm going to remove myself completely.

And just keep trying to play football. It was good to answer football questions.

And hopefully, there will be no more drama in town. That's what I hope."

The Raiders signed Carr this offseason to a lucrative contract extension that sees him join the team through the 2025 season.

Clearly new head coach Josh McDaniels liked something about Carr to keep him around for the next few years...